It doesn’t seem like The Earth Charter is asking much because on the surface, it seems to be common sense- respect, care, and integrity. However, I know it’s a challenge because it’s asking people to change their whole way of thinking.

I found it inspiring to read the Charter where it calls for everyone to take responsibility for each other, the community of life, and future generations. Humans are losing focus of the fact that there are more important things in life than the money in their pockets and the value of their time. If not careful, humans will be totally detached from the environment and each other. Every one that is close to living the “American Dream” has that mentality that success is only measured by your job, what you drive, where you live, etc. Its also sad to think that while the richer get richer the poorer really do get poorer. It drives me nuts to think that with all the money that celebrities make, they are the ones that get all the free endorsements. Why is it that the common middle class want what the rich get for free? It would be nice if it was actually the opposite and the middle class bought from a company who donated to people in need because it was the right thing to do. It would be nice if some of the richer people noticed that their money spent on excessive luxuries could be put to some good use for struggling communities.

It would be great to live in a world where everyone had equal opportunity. I have to admit it truly is hard to imagine. I was completely blown away when I watched a documentary on some of the school systems around America. How is it that at some schools have endless amounts of resources at their fingertips and others barely have classrooms, books, chairs, etc.? I think America would benefit greatly if it incorporated the principles of The Earth Charter in the school systems early on so that students could keep an open mind and start to focus on the bigger picture of what it means to be part of a whole earth community.

At the end of reading the The Earth Charter, it occurred to me that if everyone lived their life based on this principle, it would be the first worldwide constitution that would not involve humans as the main interest. Currently, there is a lopsided way of thinking in which the land is something humans own and can fight for, but when it comes to taking care of land, those same people only take care of it in a way that benefits them.

The world is currently full of racism, hatred, poverty, stress, materialism, violence, etc. The Charter provides a simple concept of embracing diversity, but also unifying the earth as an entire community. In addition, it would be amazing to think of a world where we had a common interest and cared about something greater than ourselves.

Applying the Charter

The above link shows how both the Earth Charter Communities and ASE apply the earth Charter and that there is a possibility of it being successful.

In addition, while reading the Earth Charter, it was hard not to have John Lennon’s song Imagine playing in my head.


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