An End to Colloquium and a Start to Environmental Awareness

Colloquium was the first class I took in 6 years and I feel like it was a good class to get back into the school pattern. I’ve learned a lot about myself as a student and it has helped me have a new perspective at work. I found myself taking notes as I sit in the back of the new training class at work and I was then asked to take on the project as 1 of 3 in my department to lead the transition. I loved that my first class didn’t even take me to the campus. It was hard to find on multiple occasions and I still have a long way to go until I learn my way around campus.
I enjoyed Colloquium as my icebreaker. It is well rounded in the fact it uses different methods to teach students about important environmental issues. Most of all, I enjoyed the field trips. I felt each had a different perspective of Southwest Florida. I felt closer to nature through our canoeing and while we walked through the paths of the preserves I saw nature in a way in which I have been removed from. While it brought me close to nature in that way, the trip to downtown Fort Myers also made me fall in love with the city life again. It’s a small scale downtown area, but I just love that it is also right by the water. It’s different and beautiful to me that while you are walking around the buildings you can walk a few blocks west and be right by the water and feel the soft breeze. Since the trip, I’ve been back for pizza which is the closest thing to NY pizza I’ve found in Fort Myers. I’ve also hung out at different cafes for live music and open mics. I can see how the culture is evolving down there from how I knew it through my spring vacations and nights out after turning 21.

The readings were all very different yet still interesting in their own ways. Some discussed politics and/or philosophy and were harder for me to get a hold of-while others were easier due to their poetic and descriptive views of nature. However, all of them opened my eyes to the environment and allowed me to be introduced to the very real environmental issues. I am able to apply them and use them to better understand articles or situations I find myself in that involve my environment.
I found that it was harder to pay attention to the longer videos during class due to the fact that I was running around all day at work and rushing over to class from Fort Myers. On the other hand, the documentaries were good because I enjoyed The Inconvenient Truth and by Food, Inc. The two visuals did a great job uncovering threats that students might not have been aware of before.
I think our field trip of the Western Everglades was the biggest push for class interaction. It was enjoyable being able to canoe around the area and I know there were students that never did that before.
Overall, Colloquium as a whole was a great experience and I feel more aware about the environment and what I can do as a member of the earth community. From now on, I will try to limit my carbon footprint and encourage others to do the same. I know Greg and I plan on volunteering as much as we can and we enjoyed the service learning experience as well.



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